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Get Top Dollar For Gold & Silver in Alice, Texas

Gold and silver prices are higher than ever so when you are looking for a way to get some fast cash in hand, selling your gold and silver is a great way to do it! When you visit Approved Money Center Alice, TX you will experience first hand how our expert buyers can turn your stash into cash in minutes. We provide an honest and secure way for people all over Texas to get make money on the spot. It’s even faster than taking out a payday loan!

The process of selling your gold and silver is simple and fast. The only work you have to do is find that unwanted and unused jewelry, flatware, tea set, pocket watch, fillings and any other items that are real gold or silver. Remember how popular gold was in the 80’s? Chances are you have a chain or earrings stuffed away in an old jewelry box or drawer somewhere. Gather all of it up and bring it to Approved Money Center, Alice so our expert buyers can appraise it and make you an offer. It’s that simple!

Get Top Dollar For Your Gold & Silver!

When you bring your items to us, we don’t require them to be in perfect condition. In fact, we buy broken chains, single or mismatched earrings, and bent bracelets. Bring us anything you have that is real gold or silver and we will most likely buy it! Our gold assayers will test your items to determine the karat content and will then weigh them. Once that is done, and it take only minutes, they will calculate the value of those items by using the price of gold and/or silver the day you visit our store. They will then make you an offer. If you accept, they will pay you cash in hand on the spot. If you change your mind, no problem! Our buyers will never pressure you to sell. You can always come back another time. Keep in mind, the price of gold fluctuates daily so you don’t want to miss out on getting the most for your items.

Our Expert Buyers Will Offer You Cash In Hand For Your Gold & Silver!

Do you have an old silver tea set that has been sitting around for years? How about a silver or gold flatware set that never gets used? Unworn class rings, broken or damaged wedding bands, pocket watches that never get worn? We buy it all as long as it’s real and can be verified by testing and weighing it. Just bring it into one of our Approved Money Center locations and let our expert buyers give you an appraisal. If you like what we offer, you will walk out with cash in your hands! We make the process simple, secure, and safe so you know that you are dealing with a reputable gold buyer; one who offers top dollar for your items!

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