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Turn Your Stash Into Cash in San Marcos, TX

Need some extra cash in San Marcos, TX? Then turn your gold and silver jewelry, coins, tea sets, and more into cash on the spot at Approved Money Center San Marcos. Gold and silver prices are higher than ever which means you will get top-dollar for your unwanted and unused chains, rings, watches and anything else that is solid gold or silver. It doesn’t have to be in perfect condition and can even be broken! That’s right! We buy unmatched earrings, broken chains, and single item pieces from tea sets and flatware collections. Why let that stuff sit in a drawer somewhere when you can sell it and have cash in minutes?!

Get Fast Cash When We Buy Your Gold And Silver For Top Dollar!

The process is simple when you visit Approved Money Center, San Marcos to sell your gold or silver. Our expert buyers will test your items for authenticity and then weigh them to calculate how much they are worth. They will then make you an offer for your items and offer you cash on the spot! It’s that fast and simple so if you are looking for a way to make some extra cash without having to ask friends or family for help or get involved in a bank loan, you can turn your “stash into cash” without the hassle of borrowing from someone else. Approved Money Center also specializes in helping San Marcos residents with payday loans and auto title loans if you want to take another route to getting some quick cash.

Approved Money Center Offers Several Fast Cash Options

When you visit Approved Money Center, San Marcos to sell your gold and silver you can rest assure that every transaction is done confidentially and the process is absolutely safe. We do require a current drivers license to account for everything we buy as well as who sells it to us. Approved Money Center has built great customer relationships based on honesty and integrity. When selling your gold and silver you want to make sure you dealing with a licensed and experienced buyer, one that will give you top dollar! Approved Money Center will guide you through the whole process so you understand how it works. The amount you receive is based upon the current price of gold or silver at the time we weigh and test it. We do everything with you present so you can have the satisfaction and security of watching the complete buying process. Once we weigh it and test it we will make you an offer and pay you right on the spot! No need to drive to your bank and wait for a check to clear. When you sell your gold and silver to AMC we will pay you cash!


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