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We Buy Gold & Silver For Top Dollar in Kingsville, Texas

Sell your gold and silver in Kingsville! Approved Money Center is buying all gold and silver jewelry, watches, coins, and tea sets. Broken or not, old or new- our expert gold buyers will weigh and test your items and make you a cash on the spot offer for your items. Prices are at an all-time high so why not dig through those jewelry boxes and drawers and cash in on that stuff thats collecting dust?

We Buy Gold And Silver | Kingsville, Texas

Confidential and safe, Approved Money Center, Kingsville is the ultimate place to go when you’re looking to sell your gold. It’s a quick cash option that will certainly deliver. Our expert assayer will provide you with an in person quote based on the weight of your gold or silver, in ounces, as well as the price of gold that same day. So, what are you waiting for? We pay top dollar for your jewelry, silverware, and miscellaneous items. Let us help you clean out your jewelry box as well as giving you cash you’re looking for. Does it get any better than that?

We Want Your Unwanted Gold!

If you have it, we want it! Whatever unwanted gold and silver you have, feel free to bring it into Approved Money Center, Kingsville. Whether it’s a single earring, or one of those 80’s chains that you had to have, we’d love to provide you with an in person quote that offers you the peak of prices based on the most current going rate.

Have you stumbled across your grandmother’s silver tea set? Or maybe you have a broken watch or damaged wedding band? Remember, if its gold and silver, we will be more than happy to take a look at it! Coins, pendants, chains and more! We’ll test it, make you an offer, and have you leaving with cash in your pocket!

Get The Best Price For Your Gold And Silver

Don’t forget to bring your I.D. so we can hand you cash right on the spot! A driver’s license or another kind of photo identification will do just fine so our professional gold assayer can get started on the in person quote and have get . The pricing that we offer shows you how appreciative we are that you came to us with your business. We offer the best prices for our customers and want you to feel good about the amount you receive.

Start rummaging through old dusty boxes in your closet and your old jewelry box because whether it’s broken or damaged, new or old, if it’s gold or silver, we want to see it! Prices are at an all-time high so there really is no better time for you to come visit us and sell your gold for immediate cash.

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