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We Buy Gold & Silver For Top Dollar in Bastrop, Texas

Need extra cash in Bastrop? It’s the perfect time to search through your drawers for old gold and silver chains, rings, pocket watches and tea sets. We pay top dollar for that jewelry that’s just sitting around collecting dust. Our expert buyers at Approved Money Center are ready to weight and test your items and offer you cash on the spot for your items.

We Buy Gold And Silver | Bastrop, Texas

Looking for an easy way to get quick cash and fast without taking out a loan or borrowing from a family or friends? Gold and silver prices have never been higher and they continue to go up every day. So there’s no better time to sell that unwanted jewelry or items that are just sitting around your house going unused. Approved Money Center in Bastrop is here to make you an offer you won’t want to refuse!

Approved Money Center Gives You Options

There are a variety of reasons as to why you may be looking to sell your gold or silver. Whether you need quick cash or simply want to get rid of unwanted jewelry, silverware, watches or coins; getting cash for gold and silver is definitely a decision that will make your wallet happy.

Who wouldn’t want immediate cash in their hand without having to do anything but go through your jewelry box, kitchen drawers, or cupboards? You can clear some space in your house and walk away with cash right there on the spot at Approved Money Center, Bastrop. How much better can it get?

Our confidential and absolutely safe gold and silver buying process is quick and easy! All you need to do is bring in your photo identification and we can get started on your in person quote. We offer top dollar based on the current price of gold or silver at the time that you sell. The price is also determined by the weight in ounces. We do it right there in front of you, so you get the security and satisfaction of seeing the whole buying and selling process. We weigh it, test it and offer you the highest prices paid! We’ll pay you right on the spot. No waiting for checks to clear or banks to visit.

Don’t Hesitate

Now, we do take all kinds of gold and silver so please don’t hesitate when deciding whether or not you should bring in that old chain, watch, or silver set. After all, that’s what the in person quote is for. Whether you have broken gold, damaged jewelry, or maybe even coins, pins and pendants, if it’s gold and silver, our buyer will be more than happy to take a look at it with you during your visit! No pressure to sell- you can get your quote and think about it if you want.

With Approved Money Center you are one step closer to getting the cash you want, need, and deserve when you let us offer you top dollar for your items. We offer nothing but the fastest, fairest and friendliest service with top prices paid!

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